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Team Filming - If your High School Sports Team, Camp or League needs to have one or more games filmed, we can send one of our professional videographers to film your games. 
We film the entire game from start to finish and provide you with an online file,
live HUDL SIDELINE feed, or a DVD file.
We can shoot wide to cover the field or we can zoom in on action plays.

(One or Two Cameras are available for all games if you want the field and play close ups.)

If your  High School or College Team, Sports Camp or League needs to have one or more games filmed, we can send one of our professional videographers to film your game(s) most places in the
 Hudson Valley, NY, NJ, CT or USA. 

We can upload game footage within 24-48 hours to make sure no coaching opportunities are lost. 
We can also film for HUDL SIDELINE if you are a participant.
Many coaches like to film games for post game review and 
discussion with team members.  

Post your Team Video to HUDL, Krossover and other sports sites.

Coaches can also give or sell Team Game Video DVDs to players to use 
for their highlight reels. (We can edit individual highlight reels
for players who request this service)

We offer various Team Video Filming options. 
Please contact us for more info

Game On Sports Video
can create a team highlight film that will include all the 
good plays from the season, multiple camera angles, 
photos and we can even include some locker room speeches.
We design your Team Highlight video with professional 
graphics and exciting music. Video can be delivered on DVD, 
shareable/downloadable online file or both.

We can film your Team Games throughout the season, or
you can submit your Team Footage to us.

 Team Highlight Videos are great for year-end award banquets and senior gifts, 
our highlight films can be produced on both Standard DVD's 
or Blu-Ray Hi Def dvd's.

  Contact us for more information!

Home Games, Away Games and Tournaments and
other highly competitive events are excellent places to get great footage for College Recruitment Videos.

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This is a short sample clip from Team footage we recently filmed in Connecticut.  Team footage shows most of the players on the field at any given time for use by coaches for play analysis and team strategy for upcoming games against opponents.  

Although usually  filmed with a wide angle view to see most of the players on the field, if you want us to zoom in on plays during filming, we can do that.  

When we edit reels, we can zoom into the footage to pull highlights for individual players if asked to do so for recruitment reels.
GOT GAME? Then get it on!
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